Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hectic Hectic.

Listening to: Ruder by The GazettE

I don't know why Facebook is being so effed up right now, it's driving me up the wall. I'll try logging in again later.

Baby's feeling well already and I'm grateful for that. I've been such a worrywart for the past two days because of his condition. I knew you would be okay Baby. You're strong enough. You know I'm always here for you. I can't wait to see Baby soon, in about an hour's time. Missed you so much!

I completed the list of points for my Eng. Comp. research topic which is Euthanasia. Sad thing is, I wrote it down instead of typing it out on Word. I guess I'll have to do it later and then start studying for my Sociology exam which is tomorrow. I am so not gonna get an A for this subject. So much reading to do, so little time. After Socio, I would have to start reading up on my History, much to my dismay. After that would be my starting my essay on Free Speech for Inter. Comm.

After this hectic week I would be free from studying and doing coursework. For a limited time only, that is.

Baby's final exam is coming up. Do your best Baby, make it to Monash!

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