Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monkeys' Day Out.

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Friday, 161009

Holiday Villa Subang was invaded by us monkeys.

Jichuan looks like he's having fun. Pun intended.

He wanted to pump his tits.

Baby acting cool. Eleh.

Sharolyn on the treadmill. She's giving me the whuuut look.

Wenli. Can't see her clearly. Maklumlah my cellphone's camera is only 3.2 mp. Oh, and I wanted to get myself in the picture too :p

My Mr. Lovable.

Jichuan wants a part in the picture too, but he moved. So, too bad lah!

I have now become tanner than before. Which displeases me. It took me 10 months to become a shade lighter by staying indoors 80% of the time throughout the year and all it took for my hard work to come crashing down was 5 hours under the sun. My initial plan was to go there and babysit the little ones at the wading pool. Mana tau Mr. Lovable had to carry me and dunk me in the adult pool - fully clothed.

My fish fingers = imba.

Baby and Brian.

Jichuan, Sharolyn, Aunty Doraline and Aunty Michelle.

Wenli :D only person missing that day was Kokfei.

Sharolyn and her Jichuan (:

My Baby and me. xoxo. Credits to Wenli for the awesome picture!

Showoff in the wading pool :B

Ziqin. Wrong hole!

We finished swimming at 6 plus PM and decided to head off for dinner at Pangkor Fish Head, SS15. Sharolyn and Wenli skipped ballet. Happy them. Ugh, I forgot to mention that me, Sharolyn and Wenli had to wear disposable panties and it was too darn uncomfortable. Why? Isn't it obvious, we didn't bring extra undergarments. Luckily we brought extra clothes though. Who knew, we were going to be dunked (me) and pushed (Sharolyn) into the pool?

Aunty Doraline giving her future son-in-law the look, Aunty Michell, Ziqin and the Snake Man himself.

Uncle Ong, Andreaz and Brian busy with his orang juice.

Ziqin, Jichuan, Sharolyn and Wenli.

After dinner, the six of us (me, Baby, Ziqin, Wenli, Kokfei and Sharolyn - Jichuan had to attend a funeral-) went to Pyramid to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It was a very, very awkward movie. Especially for a Disney movie. The movie was so lame, it was funny. No, I'm serious.

Hamburgers raining down on me? I'd rather not.
Jichuan showed me this vid like 3 months ago. I suddenly had the urge to post it up.

Introducing our very own Snake Man - Leong Ji Chuan! I touched the snake not too long ago. It took me like, 2 hours to brave myself to do it. And I touched it with my forefinger, I didn't even want to carry it. The way it wrapped itself around Jichuan is freaky. I don't know how Siemens and Melissa actually enjoy it!

Oh, and I forgot the snake's name. I recall Jichuan saying that he wanted to rename it Charlie. Inspired by the Charlie Bit Me...Again! video on YouTube because it bit him a few times.

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