Monday, October 12, 2009

Starbucks and.. Kids.

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Every time I step into Starbucks, I notice that there's a fair amount of teenagers comfortably fiddling around with their laptops or studying. That's a sight I'm not so used to. Never in my five years of studying in secondary school have I actually studied in Starbucks, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, etc. Besides the fact that there is *cough* no Starbucks in Kota Kemuning. For now, that is. The presence of college students in Starbucks is acceptable. Why? Because.. er.. it's just acceptable seeing college students wasting time in Starbucks!

Okay, so that was lame. But still, I don't get why secondary school students have to study in Starbucks. They could always study at home or go to a friend's house or study somewhere cheaper. Heck, I even studied at a mamak before. The most expensive food outlet I went to for a group study was McDonald's. And that was once. Most of the time I study at the school library or at home. During my secondary school days of course. Not now. Now I barely do study.

What annoys me is the huge number of these kids roaming the place. It would be so much more better if they would just shut the hell up. Those who are exceptionally quiet are those with their laptops/notebooks. Busy surfing the net or doing work. Those who are exceptionally noisy are those who tell their parents they're (kononnyer) studying when they're actually gossiping and wasting precious time in Starbucks. Not that I don't waste precious time but at least I don't gossip - as much as they do. When I say gossip, I am referring to girls. Since they make the most noise.

Annoyed as I am, I can't deny the change in culture as time goes by. Kids getting money from their rich parents to spend time in Starbucks is becoming a norm. Still, I guess things are just different among the community nowadays. Our lepak spots determine our social class. I lepak at mamaks, not Starbucks. I suppose you could guess which social class I belong to. Okay, that's just too much. Rich people can hang out at mamaks too, actually. But that's because their poor friends can't afford Starbucks (;

PS: I'm sorry for not being the person you want me to be. Please, let's just make the most out of each other.

PPS: People, don't ask me about the song I embedded onto my blog. I'm just feeling very in the 80s right now and it's been ages since I've listened to this song. Rock the 80s!

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