Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's The First (Of October Of Course)!

Listening to: I Wish by L'Arc~en~Ciel

My History presentation today didn't really go well. But I am quite impressed that I am able to explain at least a little on what I had to present. Every time I asked a question, I get blank stares. Firstly, because Ms Jaime did not cover what I had to present. Second, my font was too small. I had to read out the questions like, twice, just to get people to hear properly since they couldn't read the question projected on the screen. I suppose I got some marks deducted but overall I feel I did fine.

I noticed I've been watching a lot of Paul Giamatti lately. A few nights ago I watched him in the movie Shoot 'Em Up. Then, I had to search for a video related to what I was presenting and I came across Paul Giamatti again playing John Adams on the HBO Film Series: John Adams (which I downloaded and presented today). And I just finished watching Planet of the Apes where Paul Giamatti plays the orang utan slave trader. When I came to realize that the actor playing John Adams was Paul Giamatti, I couldn't really believe it. He's such a comedian. It's like seeing Adam Sandler acting in The Ten Commandments. Ahh, Funny People.

Baby sent his car for servicing today. Had a great time with him while waiting for his car and after his car was done. He drove me back to KK but before leaving, we went to a mamak nearby my house to have a drink. We were practically dehydrated. I had to stand under the sun beside Baby and listen to the Perodua guy talk to Baby for at least 10 minutes about RPM and whatnots. It was agonizing. And I had no water with me. But it was worth it. It always is, just getting to be with him. Mwah (:

(No, we didn't go to Times Square while waiting for his car.)

I think I'm gonna get my hair cut tomorrow. Just gonna re-layer it. Length will remain the same. I hope. I hate going to hair salons. They never cut my hair the way I want it to be cut. But do I have a choice? I'm planning to not dye my hair for quite some time because I wanna get my new I/C done. Dyed hair is not allowed apparently. I don't get it. Even after we take our pictures with our black hair, some would probably dye their hair anyway. Don't get what's up with such funny rules.

PS: Aii Luhhve Youu Wyz!


Destinee B. said...

seriously there's a rule saying cannot take i/c with dyed hair?

i went with dyed hair. nothing happened laa

shootmekaoru said...

That's what my friend said. Anyway I've decided that I'm not gonna get my new i/c done within this yer or the next.