Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apology to Kylie Chong.

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I suppose I owe some people an apology related to the previous post: Kylie Chong and friends. I fear we have come across a very big misunderstanding here. I have already sent a message to you on Facebook as I do not have your phone number nor your MSN contact. But I think it would be better for me to make a public apology to you and your friends here.

I was not referring to you nor your friends which were at Starbucks the other day. Instead, the people who were in my head at the time were a bunch of SPM students making a hella lot of noise sitting at the table next to mine. They were gossiping and swearing the whole time they were there. Making me feel so agitated.

Which made me come up with that post.

Then again, there were some things I pointed out in my post which came from my point of view. To be honest, there was no need to flame me. Everybody has got their own views and opinions. If I was referring to you or your friends, Kylie, I would have talked about it a long time ago when I first saw you in Starbucks a few months back. I have got nothing against you and your friends studying/hanging out/going online at Starbucks, you get the picture.

In your blog I noticed that you made tons of sarcastic remarks about me not doing proper things at Starbucks and I was labeled as a wannabematurebimbo and was referred to as a katak bawah tempurung and I am so not shooting you back. I am sorry for talking about Starbucks. Do note that I was not flaming Starbucks in any way. I was just expressing my views regarding that bunch of noisy people. Zeke was there too when those students were polluting our ears. When we saw you and your friends there, I did not say a thing because I had nothing to comment about. He's my witness <3

About what you and your friends posted over at my cbox, I was so not stalking anybody. I've got better things to do. And I actually do have a right to comment, because it is my blog after all. Freedom of speech. Yes, it is none of my business. Because if I thought it is my business I would have walked up to those people and told them to shut the fuck up.

I hope you accept my apology as I am being very sincere about it. Frankly speaking I was pretty upset when I found out that you were flaming me over at your blog. But I decided to apologize because I did not state clearly in my blog who I was referring to.

Never in my life have I written something like this: an apologetic blog post or letter or whatever lah. Bottom line is, I can be a very sarcastic person myself but I choose not to this time because it is just pointless to do so. So please don't take this apology as a sarcastic 'shot' to you. I am not being sarcastic in any way.

Again, I am very sorry. And I do not use bombastic words. My vocab is not very wide.

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