Thursday, October 8, 2009

2012 Contest

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2012 happens to be one of the movies I have been looking forward to watching ever since I saw the trailer.. uh.. last year? I think. Either late last year or early this year, I am not so sure. My dad is a fan of all these science fiction movies involving 'other-beings' and real historical evidence of these beings discovered by Zecharia Sitchin in his books. And now I've got the chance to not only win a pair of tickets to the premier screening of 2012 courtesy of Nuffnang, but I also get the chance to stay in Colombo for 4 days and 3 nights courtesy of That's the grand prize of course.

I was reluctant to participate in this competition at first. I had to think of something that I would like to put in a Time Capsule to survive 2012's disaster. I had nothing in mind. While thinking about what I would like to preserve in the Time Capsule, I recalled myself in my college lift. I did not intend to overhear a girl's conversation but I did. I couldn't help it, the lift was so small. She was talking about her assignment for her Advertising subject- the object she decided to advertise were mooncakes.

And then I snapped back to the present. Why not? Keeping a mooncake (in my case, a quarter-eaten mooncake) in a Time Capsule for the next four years would remind me of my favorite Hong Kong TVB series, Moonlight Resonance. Ah, the gan jeong-ness rising within me when I watch Moonlight Resonance. If I open the Time Capsule in another four years and take a bite from the mooncake, I might just experience that feeling all over again.

I need to win this. I want to win this. I want to sit in an airplane -

-because the last time I did, I was a year-old. Hence, I can't remember a thing.

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