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7th August 2009

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Was the best day of my life.

Baby picked me up from my house after his class, then drove to Sunway Pyramid to spend time together because on my birthday itself, I would be spending time with my family and baby wouldn't be free. I really appreciate the fact that he's willing to drive all the way to KK from Subang just to spend time with me. Imagine all the time and petrol wasted on me. Thank you so much baby (':

For once we did not watch a movie. Baby wanted to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past but I insisted on not watching. I just felt like walking around pointlessly in a shopping mall instead of sitting down in the cinema for 2 hours causing my ass to feel numb. It's spending time with baby too but since we do it so often, I thought why not walk around Sunway Pyramid pointlessly for a change? I know, a waste of time. I don't care. I got to spend my time with my baby!

After our legs started to tire, we stopped by KFC to tapau our dinner and then left. If I recall, it was at about 8 something PM. Ha ha. I remember that we didn't want to get caught in the jam during the peak hour which is simply terrifying. When I reached KK, Baby parked his car somewhere near my house and we started having dinner in the car. It was the first time I ever ate in the car with any of my boyfriends, Baby made it so special. After dinner, came a string of events that I would never ever forget.

Once we finished dinner, he turned to me and passed me an envelope. I was scared. I didn't know what the letter contained, didn't even know what his intention was. He told me to open it and read it. It was quiet. So quiet, I could hear my heart beating so fast and loud in my ears. And then, music started to seep out from the radio. Collide by Howie Day. My favorite song. Our song. With immediate effect, tears started gushing out of my tear ducts and I began to read the already opened letter. The contents of the letter, I shall not reveal. It is for my own private enjoyment. Thus, I shall not share it with anybody.

I thought that was all. But Baby never did fail to shower me with surprises. With Collide still playing on his stereo, he gave me a few pieces of tissue paper. I thought it was for me to wipe my tears but it turned out to be another surprise. He made me a birthday promise, which again, I will not reveal. No one knows except the both of us. So there. I'm sorry for being so potong. That is, if you actually wanna know what he wrote in the letter and what his promise was to me (:

AND THEN I THOUGHT THAT WAS ALL. But nooooo, there was MORE to come. I was already so happy that he wrote me that letter and made me the promise. I did not expect more. I was thrilled when he presented me with Sophie Kinsella's latest novel, Twenties Girl which cost RM79.90 (I know because I have been eyeing that book ever since it's been in bookstores). I did not know what to say. Neither did I know what to do. All I could say was Thank You x 10. Oh, the joy that filled me up that night. Unforgettable. Period.

We finished our KFC then went to a nearby playground to spend more time together. As you can see, Baby is proud of his oh-so-muscular back. I am proud of him too! Thank you Zekey Wong Yeung Zhi for such an awesome night. I could not ask for more. It was so special, and will remain in my memory forever. All those little things you did. All those meaningful things you said. I will remember. It will be forever engraved in my memory. The best birthday gift ever.

Just so you know, I have never cried so much during my birthday. I didn't even cry as much during my grandfather's funeral :x That's how much all of it meant to me baby.

PS: That's not all, Baby gave me another birthday present on my birthday itself (10th August) but being the selfish person I am, I am not sharing it with anyone of you. *giggles*

PPS: I love Wyz <3

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