Saturday, September 12, 2009

Under The Sun.

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Friday, 110909

Baby and I did the craziest thing ever.

He finished college earlier than usual and decided to have lunch at Pizza Hut with me. And so we did. After lunch we had no idea what to do. The initial plan was to send me home immediately after lunch because he has to study. What with his SAM trials coming up, he needed intensive studying I suppose. My smart baby. He doesn't need to study much and he can score so well. Unlike, ehem, someone I know.

Baby was blindly driving around and was about to send me home already. But then being the last minute people we are (actually not us, just me), Baby suddenly said."Let's go to the lake and feed the fishes!"

It was 1.30 in the afternoon.

But the weather was very 5.30-in-the-evening-ish. So I agreed. We dropped by 7-Eleven to buy bread. 'Gardenia White Bread: RM2.10'. I'd rather not. I suggested to Baby that we drop by one of the nearby dry markets, MCM because the bread there is 20 cents cheaper. Hey, I am no cheapskate. But to me, every cent counts. Plus, I get the same brand and batch of bread for a cheaper price! Who wouldn't say no to that?

We bought the bread from MCM and headed off to the lake.

The weather was fine. It was windy and the clouds were blocking the sun from glaring at us. It was perfect.. Yeah, for what, 15 minutes? Then the clouds had to move, and the wind had to stop blowing. The heat was burning me up. I have not been under that kind of heat for.. uhh.. ever since I finished secondary school. I was something I never thought I would be, a Puteri Lilin (according to Baby). But I was a Candle Princess - lolwtf - for less than an hour only lah.

So Wong Yeung Zhi, being the sweetie he is, ran - eh, no, walked- to his car to fetch his, ehem, Renoma umbrella. Yes, walked. I don't know why that pig took his own sweet time but he did. I think he did it on purpose to see how long I can tahan burning under the sun. But I didn't really care. I was just focused on feeding the fishes, which don't appear until evening.

If you noticed in the picture above, Baby's happily holding his Renoma umbrella - just look at the smile on his face - with.. oh, what's that? Sunglasses?! No! It's his new pair of transition lenses. You know, the glasses which lenses change its color to black.. uhh.. I don't know how to explain. But I guess you people know what it is. If you don't, Google! Actually don't. You're harming the environment ):

When we first started throwing bread into the lake, the small pieces of bread floated on the surface of the water untouched. Baby looked and sounded disappointed. So was I. Well, I guess the fishes are kind of smart. They know that their food only comes in the evening 'cause that's when people start feeding the fish bread in large numbers. People actually fight to feed the fish. Instead of the fish fighting to get the food.

Eventually the fishes appeared, after almost 10 minutes or so. Only a few of them swam up close. Most of the fishes preferred to stay further from us because it's too shallow. After quite a while, I started to spot tiny tortoise heads popping out from the water. One even came near enough for us to see its yellowish-green shell. During the evenings, I can usually see more than 5 tortoises swimming close to us trying their luck to get some bread. Sometimes if you're lucky you get to see one or two Koi fish fighting for the bread as well. Who would want to dump their Koi fish in the pond though?

Baby was so excited. He said if one comes close enough, he wants to bring it home. He already has two back home which he named Hon Wei (ROFL) and Hon Chun. I wonder what he was gonna name the next one after. That's if he actually caught the tortoise. He he.

See those two white things floating? Those are the two pieces of bread Baby threw for the fishes. It disappeared in 5 seconds. He wanted to see how the fishes fight for their food. The fishes hantam the bread like piranhas tearing a live animal apart. I suddenly felt the hair on the back of my neck stand.

Once we were done flinging the pieces of *sob* expensive Gardenia bread into the lake for the little fishies to gobble up, we left all sweaty but happy. First time I ever did something like this with my boyfriend. And Zekey Wong, you just had to make it special by being the first guy to ever bring me to the lake to feed fishes. Ha ha. I love you baby. Thank you so much for engraving another special day for me to engrave in my memory.


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