Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunway Pyramid with Tweens.

Listening to: Don't Know Much by Linda Rodstadt and Aaron Neville

Friday, 190909

I didn't know there were gonna be so many of them. From what my sister described, I thought I would be babysitting a few of them. I didn't know a few meant 8 kids.

I had never managed so many kids my whole life. The last time I did that was late 2008 with help from Yizhong. I was taking care of 4 11 year-olds at the same venue and I was already on the verge of falling apart. This time, it's double the number and there are boys. Which, thankfully are not as noisy as the girls. Sigh. Tweens. What a sight.

Tweens are camera shy. Thus, the blurred picture. It was like trying to snap an up-close picture of lions mating or something. The way the react everytime I whip out my phone and aim the camera at them. And their voices somehow manage to attract annoyed glances from people around me. Oh, I did not know where to hide my face. Tweens at their peak. Ho hum.

Paige and Shazreen. My sister's friends since like.. forever?

My sister was trying to avoid the camera. Her friend, Mei Mi.

Tweens these days. Paige (the one in black) is almost as tall as me. And she's just 12!

Ben, John, Mei Mi, Paige, Raj and Shazreen. My sister is tying Teck Ken's skates for him. I had to tie up almost every one's skates. Bear in mind that they are 12 year-olds with not much strength. I'm not saying that I have a lot of strength though. I am weak. But of course, being 6 years older, I have more strength than they do. Weeee! I didn't mind helping them with their skates because if their skates weren't tied up properly and somebody sprained an ankle, guess who would be blamed?

While skating, some idiot had to throw a dragon-egg firecracker into the rink. That asshole. It made my sister panic, fall down and bring me down along with her. I became emo. It's been years since I fell down in the rink. I know it's no big deal. Some of you probably fall down in there so often. He he. I stopped skating a short while after the firecracker incident though, because a blister was forming above my left heel. By the time I got out of the skating rink, it hurt so bad. I could barely walk properly, I was limping. I've never had a blister this bad in years. What luck.

Little tweens manja-ing with the staff at some Okonomiyaki/Takoyaki/Bubble Tea shop in Asian Avenue. They asked the staff for cheese and he gave them a small stick of cheese each. Ah, what fun. I wasn't so daring when I was 12. After having their bubble teas and food, the left for the arcade while mum and I went shopping! She bought a few tops and I bought a pair of skinny pants. I feel fat wearing it ):

Chicken and cheese okonomiyaki! A type of Japanese pancake. Cost me RM8 but it was filling. It is goooooooooood, to a certain extent. Something different from my casual Takoyaki with no tako (tako means octopus, I usually have chicken and cheese takoyaki).

PS: The day wasn't perfect without Baby by my side )':

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