Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank You.

Listening to: My Everything by 98 Degrees

I wanna thank my Baby, Chayf, Pav, Kevin Ravi Choo, Roy, Tanzy, Jon, Mirshal, Ann, Calvin, Chong, Wei Loon, Marcus, Yi Zhong, Shyuan, Ariel, Jinn, Omar, Keith, Toofat, Dr. Fong, Hy, Rachel Ng, Wai Kian, Fei Yang, Yee Shien, Ming Wei, Desmond, Jasmine, Willy, Cindy, Su Kim, Navin, Nicholas Choo, Nancy, Sofia, Yin Ying, Ikki, Saru, Clement, Cole, Wei Wen, Qissy, Azlan Khan, Zheng Guan, Nicholas Ng, Kam Yew, Timothy, Thom, Mitthrooben, Tiffany, Su Han, Gavan, Melody, Siemens, Jolyn, Elwin, Sinan, Damien, Ckk, Nat, Kenx, Xinna, Nisha, Connie, Melissa, Hui En, Mervin, Zenj, Han Jian, Flesmond, Vince, Beatrice, Alex, Su Ann, Yao Chen, Kevin Chong, Koh Leong, Pastor Alvin, Ken Tey, Evon, Shuang, Doreen, Adrian, Hon Wei, Aunty Wendy, Sook Ling and all you other people out there who wished me on my birthday! I appreciate it (:

Many thanks to those who took the time to buy me gifts. I don't know how to show my appreciation.
As many of you have realized, I have not been able to update my blog frequently. Reason being, I am lazy. Yes, lazy. Very lazy. It's been sixteen (16) days since my birthday and I am only updating now. It shows how lazy Denise Goh can be.

I am anything but proud of it.

I shall update again soon. Do watch out for the next post.

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Pav said...

Love you, Nise!