Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Blog.

Listening to: Broken Strings by James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado

My blog is somewhat dead. I rarely do update because somehow, I've got a hundred and one other things to do besides blogging. I used to update my blog frequently. Exactly, used to. I procrastinate. Which is anything but good. Because every time I've got something good to blog about, I end up:

1. Texting my Baby (Mwah!) or;
2. Playing the piano or;
3. Reading a book or;
4. On Facebook or;
5. Reading blogs or;
6. Watching TV or;
7. On YouTube or;
8. Eating or;
9. Sleeping or;
10. Simply just rotting.

(I could go on but I'd rather not bore you because somehow the list does not end.)

I've got so many things to say. But the sequence of events are all jumbled up. I can't seem to put what happened first, first. Otherwise, I'm not able to elaborate according to chronological order. I jump from the middle of my day to the beginning and then to the end. Sometimes, after typing out so much, I just refrain from publishing my entry and just delete it. I am so not satisfied with my work.

My English is deteriorating. I am embarrassed, but it is the truth. I bet you all noticed ):

PS: Baby I miss you.

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