Friday, September 11, 2009

Media Blackout

Listening to: Careless Whispers by George Michael

During Sociology class on Wednesday, Ms. Jaime gave us our individual assignment: A Media Blackout Experiment. Which I did not keep to at all.

1. Eliminate all use of media, except for that required work, school, and emergencies for a forty-eight-hour period, keeping a journal as you go of what happens - what you are thinking, what others say and how people interact with you.

2. At the conclusion of the forty-eight-hour period, write a brief paper describing what happened during the blackout.

3. What does your experiment teach you about the power of the media to influence society and people within it?

The whole class was in fits. Nobody wanted to do it. But no matter how much we disagreed, we still had to complete the assignment (5 page report) which is due next Wednesday. Our class ended at 3 PM. Hence, Ms. Jaime declared that from 3 PM onwards, we're supposed to be on a media blackout for the next 48 hours.

After class I continued using my phone to text Baby. Upon reaching home, I flew to my brother's PC to play Plants vs. Zombies. I logged in to Facebook as well. I watched my Moonlight Resonance. I read my book. I did everything I'm not supposed to. Screw it lah. I'll just crap up the 5 page report.

I can't live without media.

PS: Missing someone.

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