Sunday, September 28, 2008

Three Ulsers and a Glass of Salt Water .

Mood : Aggravated

It hurt . So bad . So so bad . The salt water stung my ulser to the very corrrrrre . I was so desperate on getting it healed . Desperate times call for desperate measure people ! Ughh .

Hari Raya is coming up and I'm staying home . That's dull . Well I guess I'll just head on down to the lake . To feed the fishes . Alone . Since nobody's gonna pui me .

I just checked my imeem account and I realised that one of my songs , Tears by X-Japan was played 200 k times and the 100 + comments all were about the same . Eg : Thank you for putting this up ! , I love this song ! , I love YOU for putting up this song ! For hide (sobs) . Like ftw . I appreciate those comments people . I miss hide too :(

I miss hide (pronounced hee-day) . If he was still alive I know X-Japan would never have broken apart . If he was still alive he would be the same age as my dad . I've been playing Tears on the piano during his death anniversary for three years since I knew about his death . This year is his 10th year anniversary . I cry every time I watch his funeral procession . I still can't complete playing Forever Love 'cause it's too difficult . But I'll manage . Rest In Peace hide . 1964 - 1998 .

Joshua Q and I are gonna share money to get a pressie for Sab on her birthday . Oh , and Ann too . Only that I haven't informed her yet . Plus , Josh and I are V.I.Ps so we get to wear red . Wee !

I miss Fayadh so bad . He didn't sms me since noon 'cause he left his phone at home . It's already 9.43 pm and he still hasn't texted me yet . I wanna hug him . At least he called me using his dad's phone . But that was barely for a minute . I miss his sepet eyes .

Looky ! The mata sepet !

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