Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rest In Peace

Mood : Peeved

Chronic diseases are very much harmful , everyone knows that . Yet , how many of you really feel the pain of losing a special someone . Be as it may , I may not be very close to Wong Su Lian but the thought of losing someone whom I knew , it's devastating . I'm glad that I didn't stop by her house today to pay my last respects because I am sure I would cry , although I don't know her that well .

When I heard that she had a tumor in her brain two months ago , I felt deeply saddened by it - because I knew that she already had no chance of surviving . I'm not trying to be discouraging . But every body knows .. that having a tumor in your brain , it's just impossible to remove . What about living then ? It's just so upsetting the more I think about it . I can't believe that someone so young , so cheerful and wild and crazy could get a fucking tumor in her brain .

I've got a friend who told me that his fifteen year old cousin got diagnosed with lymphatic cancer . And again , I was devastated . Ahhh , I just feel so upset over everything .

Wong Su Lian , Rest in Peace . You are deeply missed by loved ones .

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