Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Fayadh .

It's 4.55 am , 1st of September . I have already wished you on your birthday but I had the urge to post it on my blog as well and announce to my fellow bloggers that it is not only our National Day on the 31st of august but your birthday as well . Many do know that your birthday falls on this ... erm ... patriotic day but I still want to announce it anyway :)

I know you didn't have such a great day yesterday but lets just forget what happened and move on eh ? It's taking me quite a long time to finish typing this out . Firstly , because I'm having a massive headache and secondly , you seem to be chatting with me nonstop . So it's kinda hard to focus on finishing this post .

I can't believe a year has already passed since we got together . Despite the rough times we've had , the arguments , the break ups , we seem to have overcome all that and our weaknesses as well to stay together for this long . I'll let you in on a lil' secret , it's not easy ! I love love love love you , and come on - I would never ever forget your birthday no matter how forgetful I am babe . So don't play dumb with me :)

Again , Happy Belated 17th Birthday Fayadh Haznol bin Fahrurrazi . I love you and you know it !

PS : Some pictures you sent to me 10 minutes ago :)

This was taken by Phaik Imm on Shyuan's birthday in Domino's . Omfg sepet !

This was taken on Saturday by Yi Zhong in Sunway Pyramid's arcade :)

And yes , this final piece of art (cheh wahh) was snapped by yours truly on Saturday too - in Sunway Pyamid's very own Jusco with Yi Zhong in the middle munching on her sushi !

PPS : By the way , I started to type this out at 4.55 am . Now it's 5.20 am . Because Mr Fayadh was such a nuisance on msn :p Happy Birthday Bie <3

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Melissa Kartini said...

awhhhh... how sweet u n fayadh... ;)