Thursday, September 4, 2008


I woke up at 6.50 am . Didn't have time to pin up my hair . I dumped random schoolbooks into my bag at 7.15 and ended up not using any of them except for Accounts .

Due to the Tasawwur Islam paper , all the Form 5 Science classes joined up together in Science 3 but followed my class' (Science 4) timetable . However , the only subject which was taught was Accounts , and that's only half the class . Surprising that four classes with an average of forty students could fit into just one class . That's because less than ten people from Science 1 turned up , one person from Science 2 turned up , two people from Science 3 turned up and around ten people turned up from my class . Attendance stated does not include students taking Tasawwur .

Most of the students from Science 1 were studying . They talked too though . The Science 2 student , Shafik , was either sitting at his place singing while studying or randomly disturbing people . Both Science 3 students were sleeping every time I laid eyes on them . My class ? We played Bingo - on the calculator .

Puan Siva canceled our kelas tambahan due to her inconvenience . Hooray !

It effin' rained again ! I love rain and I love sleeping without the air-con when it rains . It's ... fun :)

Yi Zhong turned up at my house soaking wet . Ha ha , padan muka . Who call you not to bring out umbrella ? I offered you know .

I was supposed to study for at least 5 hours but ended up studying one hour of Add. Maths , being able to do none of the questions . Actually , one from the Form 4 topic , Coordinate Geometry .

For the first time in my life , a lizard dropped on my head . Believe me , I do not fear lizards but if a big black lizard went plonk on your head , you might freak out too .

My dad qualified for the trip to Chiang Mai and Madrid ! He's going to Chiang Mai on the 11th . A bad time though . But he deserves the trip . He might be going to Madrid 'cause he doesn't want to waste money there and he has back problems so he might be selling off the ticket .

My dad shaved his head . Bald . But not shiny bald . I almost cried when I saw him .

My trials kick start next week . I am very much ready - ready to flunk of course . Therefore , my parents are gonna skin me alive .

I got myself playing Neopets . Ohmyfuckinggawd I thought it was dead by now . The last time I opened my account was in the year 2005 . Why now of all times ? Distressing .

I appeared on Animax ! But it's for like , a second . Click here to vote for your favourite Seventeen model (I like Yip Kar Mun , she's adorable) and if you wanna see me - for just one second , there's a video player on the left of the page . There will be the numbers 1 , 2 and 3 under the player , just click on 1 to see me , yes , for only a second . So if I were you , I need not bother . But still , when do you get to see Denise on Animax ?
Oh yeah , if you have Animax , you need not go through all that to see me , just switch Animax on on your Astro .

I didn't get to see Fayadh .

asoontobementalmaniac will be on
a short term hiatus due to stupida Sudah Pasti Mati trials . But will blog whenever possible or necessary .

That is all for tonight .


Walltalker said...

Hahaha, why do i laugh after reading this post???

Walltalker said...

i meant that non-sarcastically because it really made me laugh