Monday, September 29, 2008

See Wei !

Mood : Angsty

I found a few of See Wei's pictures on the Junior Idol website and some from Zen Yoong's blog . I don't know how I managed to click here and there till I found the pictures (the website was in Chinese and I can't read Chinese) .

To those of you who don't know who See Wei is , she's my fellow classmate and is very pretty . She's just so adorable . About a month ago I found out that she took part in the TVB Junior Idol contest . Belly-dancing , apparently , is her thang . I was like , OMG I didn't know See Wei could belly-dance ! I don't wanna say no more . I'll just post up some of the pictures I , ehem , stole .

Spot See Wei ! She's the one up front with the short hair .

She's wearing her costume I guess . I can't imagine her belly-dancing O.O

And lastly , this high quality one . I love this one 'cause she gets to take a friggin' awesome picture with a Hong Kong actor ! OMFGWTF . I don't know his real name but I watch him on TVB dramas all the time .

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Walltalker said...

Oh wow, i didnt know that...... Time to begin investigation.....