Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mood / True Friend Test .

I have decided to put my mood at the beginning of every post from now on - actually not now on , after this post . Since Qisthina puts the song she's currently listening to , I might as well put my current mood during my typing out the post . I doubt any of you would even bother look at it though , but my mood affects the way I post :)

I have noticed many of these "True Friend Test"'s on bloggers' profiles lately . I created two of these tests early last year , both scored the highest by Marcus (I can't believe I barely even got 50% on his quiz) . So , since I've update myself after a year , let's see if some of you could answer the ten questions . Some questions are difficult and some are simple , it depends on the individual . And yes , I doubt many people would answer it what with almost everybody sitting for trials the whole September month .

Good luck !

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