Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Was Your Day Denise ?

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I doubt any of you would want to read this post . Why ? Because it's gonna (yes , gonna ) be boring . But , why ?? Well , it's because this post is gonna be about me . So , people who don't like - ehem - me , would not like to read this . Okay , so maybe if you do like me , I still doubt you might want to read this post . I'm treating this post as a .. uh .. diary slash journal post . Thus , if there are many who are kay poh or just have nothing better to do , read on . You have been warned . You might get bored .

I don't know why I'm doing this . It's 11.27 PM , I'm supposed to be studying for Maths tomorrow and my eyes can barely open . Sooo , what the heck am I doing blogging late at night in an exhausted state when I should be sleeping or at least , studying . I don't know why . Maybe it's because my dad offered to let me use the PC . After my major breakdown when I was sitting for my EST paper , I had no confidence to sit for any of my other papers . So , I'm not really taking trials seriously . Screw it . I am so sleepy right now I could just fall asleep and drool all over the keyboard , but somehow that's not happening . I would really really like to go upstairs and lie down on my comfy bed , rest my head on my lovely goose-feathered pillow and fall into a deep slumber . But then again , I'm forcing myself to stay awake and type nonsense . I seriously need to pee . That's why there's a picture of a flowery toilet seat at the beginning of my post .

How was your day Denise ? Overall , I think it was so-so , so to say . I could actually complete my Chemistry Paper 3 stress-free . This is the first time I completed writing down the whole experiment . Though i doubt that I would get full marks but hey , I would consider myself lucky being able to answer the questions smoothly . Oh , one thing that caught my attention today . Fayadh actually studied . It was during recess when I saw him holding his Ekonomi Asas text book and I was like , "What are you doing ?" . And he was like , "Studying lah ." D-oh . Yes , he was studying then . But to be honest , the book looked effin' brand new . Yeah , I know you're supposed to keep the school text books clean and all that but Fayadh's book was like all brand new . I bet he never touches it at home . *snicker* When Puan Siva entered our class , she returned to us our Accounts papers . Ten people failed , Elyna got highest (93%) and I got 53% which , to me , was average . I was not happy no was I sad . Just , neutral . However , I am very happy for Ann , Amirul and some others who passed , having continously failing Accounts for a year plus . This is very good improvement , so keep it up !

Let's skip what happened in the afternoon because it was awfully boring . Even boring-er (I'm sorry , I know that's not a word available in the dictionary) than what I'm talking about now . So yeah , I studied at night for a few hours . I have no idea why I'm sticking my nose into my Maths workbook when I should be working on Add . Maths . I'm so pathetic . The idea of me passing Add . Maths is absolutely ludicrous , I'll say !

I logged into my Facebook account a few minutes ago and what I saw shocked me . I had 74 friend requests and 80 other requests . Like ftw ?! I'm too lazy to approve them all so I'll get to it tomorrow or summat . Just now now , 'cause I wanna sleep . And also 'cause my dad wants to smoke it peace without me nagging about the risks of smoking and us secondhand smokers . Much to my dismay (I know you're cheering that my long and boring post has finally come to and end) , I shall end here . Good night dear friends . I shall dream of you .

PS : I bit the inside of my cheek today and it hurts so bad . Hence , I have two ulsers in my mouth . I put salt on them and it stung real bad . It hurt , I held back my tears .

PPS : My ulser due to heatiness (not the one I bit) bled for the first time in my life . Thanks , salt .

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