Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Wing Jian !

Mood : Bored

Happy 17th birthday to you Ah Wing (can I call you Jian ? sounds cooler ) , I mean , Jian ! I apologise for anything I've said that made you unhappy before ):

But anywho , you've only got one more subject to go so do your best aight ? I know you can get an A1 for Accounts , seeing that you've put in so much effort during Puan Siva's classes . Oh , and good luck with Elaine too !

Remember this pic ? It rocks my socks even until now ! Ha ha ! It was taken two years ago during your birthday and Mirshal's remember ? Seeeeeeeee the shiny lil' effect I added onto your ear ? Ha ha ! Too bad I'm not in the pic . Only the two birthday kids are , and some Sri KL girls at the back D:

Again , Happy Birthday ! Glad that we could still be friends , after like , a year ? :)

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