Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pyramid Before SPM .

Mood : Tired

It's what , two days before SPM and I can still go out to Sunway Pyramid and shop like as if it's after SPM . Okay , not really shop lah . Jalan-jalan and teman my friends and mum shopping . I am so effing tired , I'm too lazy to blog much . My mum planned to go to One Utama to watch High School Musical 3 but since Farah invited me to her mini birthday party at TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid , we changed our plan and went there instead .

The people invited were me , Yi Zhong , Ann , Apek , Zaid , Myira , Safril , Amad , Din and a few of her Subang friends . Jonn came too . He replaced Aida .

Picture snapped by Din . Credits to him ! Picture includes (from left to right) Yi Zhong , dumdum Jonn , Ann , yours truly . Credits too , to Jonn's super clear iPhone image :)

There are many other pictures of course (the camwhores we are) but I'm too lazy to post them up tonight . Tomorrow perhaps , once Yi Zhong sends me the hundreds of pictures in her phone .

After Farah's awesome TGI lunch , we went window shopping and all sorta craps lah . That's what girls do ! Will post them up soon .

Credits to Jonn . He took this picture of me while I was eating . Dum dum Jonn and his oh-so-awesome iPhone .

Yi Zhong , Ann and I trying on some prom dresses :)

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