Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Sushi , Big Disappointment .

Mood : Full

Papa brought us out to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Barack Obama's victory . He bought us a scrumptious dinner .

We ate at Sushi Zanmai . I stuffed myself full till I could barely walk .

I headed off to Popular to buy New Moon , but was very disappointed when Popular only had Twilight and Breaking Dawn .

While waiting for my sister when she was in the restroom , Tan Boon Heong walked past me . I was stoning . My siblings didn't notice until I pointed it out to them . Believe me , he looks way taller than he does on TV (slightly taller than Chwan Chong) . I wanted to snap a picture with him but he walked off so quick . Missed such a good chance !

He wasn't smiling like that . But he still looked adorable with his blur face :)

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