Saturday, November 15, 2008


Mood : Sick

My right ear hurts thanks to my piercing but it doesn't matter . I like pain . To me , pain is pleasure . That's why I can't stop getting piercings and inflicting damage on myself . Plus , I'm gonna get a tattoo soon .

I went for tuition from 2 till 6 PM today and boy am I drained . My brain ain't functioning properly already .

Some people have been pissing me off lately . They would never know because they happen to be one of the most unexpected people for me to be angry with . I don't mind losing them as friends . Their presence won't do me any in the future anyway .

I have added another person to my 'Trustable Friends' list . So that makes four ! It doesn't matter how long I have known them . Most of them whom I have known for many years never did gain my trust (I doubt they even want to) . They prefer to become hypocrites and bitch about me behind my back .

At least I've got my Dir en grey to make my day !

PS : I want to thank Mun Choong for being considerate about my feelings and sent me a South Park video to watch . I know he loves me :D

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