Saturday, November 29, 2008

Procrastination .

Mood : Amused

I was chatting with Zheng Guan last night about some random topic which I can't recall . I only remember this part .

ZG : What are you doing ? Not studying I hope .
Me : Yeah , I'm not . Lazy lah , study tomorrow only lah .
ZG : You've got a good future . As a procrastinator .

I really hate procrastinating . And I hate procrastinators as well . But I can't really kick the habit . I have my Principle of Accounts paper on Monday and my Commerce paper on Wednesday and I'm sitting in front of the PC either blogging , Facebook-ing , Friendster-ing , MySpace-ing or chatting . Plus , I'm gonna go out to some shopping mall later . I doubt I would have time to study , heck , I haven't finished reading my Form 5 Commerce text book yet .

Instead of studying , I was watching Speed Racer . And gawd is he cute .

Emile Hirsch aka Speed Racer .

But Rain is even cuter . I only watched this movie to see Rain (Jeong Ji-Hun) . Especially when he was conversing in English ! Ahhhh , so adorable .

Jeong Ji-Hun also known as Rain . I've been a loyal fan since like , forever :)

Jon was *ehem* kind of , how should I put this , jealous that I kept on ogling at Emile and Rain when he was beside me watching the movie as well . So , just to let him know that he's cuter (and hotter) than Emile and Rain .

See see ! Cute right ? I don't know what's up with the bath robe though :)

PS : I just called the boy and woke him up from his beauty sleep . I don't know what in the world he's doing now . I think he went back to sleep .

PPS : I know I'm supposed to be studying .

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