Friday, November 21, 2008

Farah Amirah's 16th Birthday .

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I was invited to Farah Amirah's birthday party at TGI Friday's Sunway Pyramid on the 8th of November . I was too lazy to take pictures of the food we had , but I assure you that what we had for lunch that bright Saturday afternoon was effing fattening . But do I give a shit ? Of course not ! We were served three appetizers , three main courses , one birthday cake , one dessert and bottomless beverages . For me , it was food heaven . Despite how fattening the food was (appetizers were like mac n' cheese , main course more mac n' cheese with chicken , fish and chips and some other stuff) , I enjoyed every single bit of it . Plus , I have to give credit to the excellent service by TGIF's crew .

Thus , time for the pictures !

Trust me , there were more people . It's just that they left earlier .

Yi Zhong , the birthday girl , me and Ann right before we left TGIF .

Dum dum Jon and I . See the contrast ? He's wearing white , I'm wearing black . He's fucking fair . I'm fucking tanned .

Yi Zhong and I . Somebody tried to get his/her face into the picture but failed .

Apek and I . My first ever picture taken with this dude . He was one of those who made me a happy piggy that day !

I absolutely love this angle .

Aforesaid , we were at Sunway Pyramid and since we were stuffed full with macaroni and cheese , we might as well try to burn off those carbs by , yes , shopping ! Well , not literally . Just window shopping . Hence , more pictures !

Yi Zhong was tempted to snap a quick shot of these lala-muis . We had a plentiful of eyesores that day . Plenty of lalas , plenty of tween girls dressing like as if they were ten years older .

Me and Yi Zhong trying on some dresses in Nichii . Frankly speaking , I didn't really like the clothes there . The dress that the dear girl picked out for me however , was stunning (yes , the pink one) . My dress size was XS . Yes , you heard me right .

Please do not misunderstand . Mummy was shopping for sexy lingerie while Yi Zhong and I took the oppurtunity to rest our blistered feet . I can't remember which shop we were in though .

Credits to Yi Zhong . I actually like this dress more than the dress I bought for prom .

He doesn't look that tall in the picture . But trust me , I always have a hard time trying to communicate with him comfortably . It gets kinda tiring when you have to incline your head 45 degrees to look at the boy everytime you engage in a conversation .

The three of us in a stuffy dressing room in some boutique .

Us . In the toilet . Yes . Of all places .

Camwhores . They can become a whore for the camera any day , any time , anywhere .

Not that this has anything to do with our Pyramid outing , but credits to Bryant Koh for sending me this picture of a burning History Seminar paper . You just made my day :)

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