Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Wanna Watch Toy Story 3!

Listening to: 하루 하루 (Haru Haru) by Big Bang

And I wanna watch it bad! Despite all the rubbish coming from some friends who say that cartoons are for kids, I beg to differ. I grew up watching Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2. Being 19 isn't going to stop me from watching the long-awaited Toy Story 3! I was so excited about it, I actually thought it was going to be showing in cinemas almost 2 months ago. That was because I saw the poster for Toy Story 1 & 2 Marathon in 3D - not Toy Story 3 ):

The new toy that really caught my attention when I watched the trailer a few months back was, of course, none other than Ken!

Look at him! Doesn't he just look adorable? That sexy charming smile and body clad in blue (not really my favorite color but it works for me anyway). Oh, and let's not forget that nice ascot Barbie pointed out in the trailer.

Oh, and I still laugh every time I watch the trailer and Ken wails out that he isn't a girl's toy!