Thursday, June 24, 2010

Self-Control Ahhhhhhh.


Sometimes I ask myself if I have self-control. I am not so sure myself 'cause my level of self-control depends on what I have to control myself doing. Ha ha.

I guess most of you know that when it comes to me and drinking, I can't control shit. But when it comes to everything else, controlling myself is much more easier.

This assignment practically killed my brain cells. It wasn't because it was tough. It was because I can never go out and do assignment with friends. It took me roughly 10 hours to complete this assignment when I could have done it in 3 hours. I think.

*OP: Meet in SS15 at 2 PM.
**WH: Ended up waiting for Angie (again) at college until 3.30 PM.

OP: Do work in SS15.
WH: Ended up in McD Taipan.

OP: Finish work in McD Taipan.
WH: Finished work in Star Cafe, USJ 9. Don't ask me how I managed to do it there, of all places.

OP: Complete assignment before 12 AM.
WH: Completed assignment at 2 AM. And I was the earliest to finish lol.

OP: Everyone goes home.
WH: Jovi & Tanzy slept outside my house.

Only thing that went right that night was that we went to play L4D after we completed our work. Which was a big mistake 'cause I ended up with a killer migraine the next day in class and had to leave during break. I think my lecturer hates me.

*Original Plan
**What Happened

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