Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Is an Extremely Small World.

Listening to: I Wanna Know What Love Is by Mariah Carey

A week or so ago I was talking to a friend of Angie's. Blablabla, then I wanted to ask him which high school he was from. Before I could pop the question, Angie's boyfriend, Vincent, told me that this guy was his high school junior. From what I know, Vincent was from SMK USJ 12. So this guy should be from USJ 12 too! He was the same age as me so I asked him if he knew a friend of mine from USJ 12. The look on his face immediately changed. Ha ha ha! What a small world.

Last weekend, I was having a few drinks with Hy, Ah Boy and Angie. Somehow or other I was talking about this guy I used to like. Angie wasn't really paying attention. Until later when she heard me mention his name, she asked me what his English name is. After I told her, she downed her Tiger beer without hesitation with a look of anger on displayed all over her face. She told me why she hated him later on. What a small world.

Two nights ago, I was shisha-ing with Angie and Vincent. I asked Vincent if he knew Jin Young. Previously, I went through some photos in Angie's phone. And I saw a picture of Jin Young. I was like, You know Jin Young?! Angie said he was Vincent's best friend. And then I remembered, Jin Young was from USJ 12 before coming over to SMKBK. What a small world.

Don't ask me why all 3 paragraphs involve Angie and her boyfriend.

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