Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can't Sleep, So..

Listening to: My heartbeat.

... I shall blog!

First off, I don't need to sleep early 'cause Macro class is canceled (I hope it won't be replaced) which means I only have to put up with one boring lecturer and not two! I'm sorry Ms Chaw and Mr Lee, but you guys really do bore me.

I have not gotten my text books for any of the subjects yet. I don't even know why we need a text book for Public Speaking. We won't even have a midterm or final exam!

Andddddd, I'll be going to Pulau Ketam the coming Friday for Photography class' field trip. I've got to be at the KTM station at 8.30 AM. So early! Hopefully my camera doesn't die on me. I don't have a spare camera. Sigh.

Oh, and when I went to Wenli's blog just now, I came across so many smexyh pictures of my babybabybaby. Hearts.

I misshie this hairstyle.

Brian, Joerel and Baby. Why the middle finger?!

And what's this..? What are you doingg with Joerel b? Is he trying to apply lip gloss on your lips?!

Sharyn is giving you the cheeky smile Baby. I know your lips were dried and chapped ): Missed me kan?

Sorry for making such a big fuss out of it. But I just miss it too muchie.

Just some random picture my brother took.


PS: Baby don't leave meeee, don't go offline! This was what I was doing. I'm sorry I didn't want to tell you.

PPS: Surprise! You know I love you pig.

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