Friday, January 8, 2010


Listening to: WATER DANCE by KAT-TUN

Bombing of churches? Smashing of cars with the cross in them? What is this country coming to?

So anyway, a few nights ago I was lying down on the sofa in my living room and was reading my book. My dad was playing poker on Facebook when it started to rain. He panicked and told me to go outside and bring the watermelon pots in. I walked outside, opened up an umbrella, and tried to drag the pots in with one hand. I failed. It was raining kinda heavily which made me refuse to put down the umbrella.

And then I realized that I kept on getting pelted by raindrops. I had to adjust the position of the umbrella with one hand while I tried (oh so hard) to pull in the watermelon pots one by one. After still getting hit my the rain and still no success in dragging the pots in, I stood up and looked up at the umbrella. I saw a big hole at the top of my umbrella. Fml.

PS: Eventually I managed to pull the pots in. But still.. FML!


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