Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Liew Yi Zhong! <3

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050110, Tuesday

Happy Birthday my bestestestest friend, Yi Zhong! I hope you had a great day even though I wasn't able to spend the whole day with you. This is the first time ever since we met that I have actually celebrated my birthday with you and I feel great (: No matter what, you know I'll always be here for you babe. I'll always sayang you!

So anyway, Baby and I brought Yz out for breakfast at Carson's Bubble Tea. We met Ck there. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some pictures ):

Then Yz and Ck left forMid Valley. Baby and I went back to his house to change and rest for a while before going gift-hunting for Yz.

At 7 PM, we met Ck at Sunway Pyramid's bus stop to proceed off to Full House Damansara. I had no idea where we went. Usually I navigate Baby all over the place. But this time it was just pure confusion for me and Baby. We just tagged behind Ck from Bandar Sunway all the way to Damansara. We got stuck in a really bad traffic jam which went by quite quick because Baby and I were engaged in heavy conversation to pass the time by. Hugs.

Baby and a... bathtub. With cushions in it!

Me and Baby standing a few feet away from the shower (:

Ze burthday gurl, Yi Mun (sorry I dunno how to spell her name) and Ck

Baby looking at Yz. For real.

Yi Mun and Panda :p

Tz's reaction after receiving her present from me and Baby. Hee hee.

Happily toying around with her present.

The menu.

Ck surprised her with a big teddy bear! Her face macam tomato sudah. It cost RM9x.

And she finally cries.

Emo-ing ):

My alfredo spaghetti and watermelon juice. Was goooood.

Baskin Robbins Oreo Ice-Cream cake which cost RM1XX. The strawberry ice cream inside was awesome.

Baby and I. hearts.

The other pictures are in Yz's phone. I guess they'll be up on Facebook soon. I hope you had a great day babe. Hey, you're 19! xoxo.

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