Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 at Singapore (and a Happy New Year!)

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Happy 2010! No New Year's resolutions this time. I never stick to them. Another 8 more months until I become 19! But I'm not looking forward to it. Nothing to look forward to anymore. Not like when I was gonna be 18. Anyway, have a great year people! Love ya'll (:

221209, Tuesday

We had to go to Holiday Villa to board the bus at 10.45 AM. After a bad experience with Konsortium bus services 2 years ago, my mum went for Aeroline, which was awesome. But then we went down a step and vied for First Coach instead (which is much more economy friendly and is good enough for me).

Nic and Dad carrying (part of) our luggage!

Hannah and Mummy.

Ze bus/coach or whatever you wanna call it.

The inside of First Coach.

My favorite part of riding in this bus - the VOD (Video On Demand).

Luckily we remembered to pack our earphones which was required to watch the VOD. I ended up watching Prince of Egypt and Zodiac. Prince of Egypt was awesome (I never get bored of it) but Zodiac made me sleep. And I had this 40+ year-old man sitting beside me. When he walked in, I could smell the cigarette smoke lingering on him. Yuck. I wished Baby could have sat beside me ):

I was texting Baby during the whole journey. He was really upset that we couldn't text while I was going to be in Singapore. One text from Singapore to Malaysia would cost RM1. Which sucked. Baby was nice enough to text me frequently while I was in Singapore, even though I couldn't reply. I love you Baby!

We arrived at Plaza Parkroyal Hotel roughly around 5 PM. We were delayed by 1 hour plus because Hannah and I were stuck at Singapore's immigration for an additional 30 minutes. We were unlucky that our queue was full of foreigners from the Middle-East. Sigh.

In my uncle and grandma's house. Messy but comfy!

The view from my grandma's apartment in Jalan Membina.

Mummy talking to grandma.

Hannah fumbling around with her bag.

Mummy and Kau Fu (my uncle) were talking outside while Hannah and I were reading and hanging out in our room. My sister had a craving for sushi. Thus, Kau Fu's decision to go for a Japanese food buffet!

We had to go fetch Kau Fu's girlfriend at her workplace to join us for dinner.

There are taxis everywhere in Singapore. Oh, the ads.

Suki Sakura Internation Buffet Restaurant in Shaw Mall which is located in Balestier, an area in Singapore. Thee was a wide variety of food for SGD20 each. They not only had sushi but chinese food, italian food and other types of food as well. A great price for so many choices of food.

Kau Fu and his girlfriend, Natalie (:

I was sick so I had to drink hot green tea ): But I had my miso soup! Which didn't really taste so nice. It was too powdery. And I saw Japanese cold noodle. Ever since Baby introduced me to it, I tried not to touch it. Our tastes differ sometimes. I stood in front of the cold noodle for quite some time and zoned out. I started thinking about Baby. And I thought, maybe eating one of his favorite Japanese meals would draw me closer to him. And it did. I didn't expect much of the noodles. Like usual, I didn't like the taste of it but proceeded to finish it anyway. I missed him so much )':

Hannah and Mummy.

The interior of the restaurant.

My chocolate, chocolate chip and sweet corn ice cream. I was still coughing badly and still had phlegm stuck in my throat. But I couldn't resist the wide varietiy of desserts. Mummy didn't allow me to have any. But after much persuasion from Hannah, Mummy gave in. And surprisingly, my cough got better! I stopped coughing the day after. He he.

Black Forest, Oreo Cheese and Choc Mochi. Dessert! I had honeydew pudding with nata de coco too. Yummm.

Christmas Lights - Geylang Version (:

And then we went home, had a nice warm shower and went to sleep. or at least I tried to sleep. I missed my Zekey Wong so much, I cried every time I read his text messages. I really wished he was there with me, lying down beside me. Missed gazing into his eyes. Stroking his face. Hugging him tight. Baby I love you so much. One day we shall go travel together. I hope it will be soon xoxo

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