Monday, January 18, 2010

Being Sick SUCKS.

Listening t0: NOTHING. no mood to listen to any song.

I skipped Macroeconomics and Marketing Principles today. Two boring subjects conducted by two utterly boring lecturers. I skipped not because I didn't want to rot in those classes but simply because I have fallen sick. Which sucks. I have to lie down half the time, which makes everything so freaking inconvenient. I feel like dying ):

I keep on sneezing nonstop and my throat aches. And what sucks even more is that my class starts at 12 PM tomorrow but I've gotta follow my dad out in the morning to PJ because he's bringing my sister to the immigration. And I have to freaking wait there. I wouldn't really mind if I were not sick. But yeah, I am. Sick, I mean.

If I'm really sick I might skip class again. But I've got no class on Wednesday, which means I don't have to go to college but I have to 'cause I need to submit my MUET form by Wednesday D:

I am on the verge of dying now. I keep sneezing and sweating like there's no tomorrow. My nose is sore. My eyes can barely open. Even sitting in front of the PC is so hard to do.


PS: Happy 21st Birthday Wjinn! Sorry I didn't wish you Happy Birthday thru sms like I always do. I lost your number =/ Anywho I wished you on Facebook already so have a great birthday!

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