Tuesday, December 15, 2009


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061209, Sunday

In case you don't know, SCSJ ADP AEA stands for SEGi College Subang Jaya American Degree Program Academic Excellence Award. It's just so bloody long, I decided to shorten everything. I have not been updating frequently because I've fallen sick, I've been studying (a bit) for my finals and I rarely get hold of my PC now because my mum or dad is always on it playing poker and whatnot.

Anyway, on the first Sunday of this month, I had to get up so freaking early in the morning. I have never woken up at 7+ AM for a year (or more) already, ever since I finished Form 5. The event was held at Prince Hotel and Residence, KL which is just behind Pavilion. The AEA is held to award students who have maintained at least a 3.3 CGPA. After the AEA was the graduation ceremony.

I felt kinda sad when I saw Angie's boyfriend with her. I wanted Baby to come along too. But he couldn't )':

Tanzy and I. He and Fcy looked like as if they were getting married when they took a picture together. Dua2 pakai baju putih.

Apparently mocktail session. The mocktail tasted like sirap limau ais. Maybe it is.

Roy, Me, Mr. Lee, Chong and Fcy.

Tanzy and Fcy. Our international buffet was a scam. I paid Rm140 for local food and sushi. Actually there was more, like bread, salad, a wide variety of desserts. But still, international food - my ass.

Fcy and her pink kuih. I thought it was ice cream at first lolol.


The besttttttttttt. Yummmmmm. I had to queue up for so long because the idiots in front of me spammed every single topping (jellybeans, wafers, rainbow sprinkles, choc sprinkles, etc.). Even the ice-cream cones. I don't even know why they needed ice cream cones when the ice cream was already in a bowl. My ice cream was melting ):

Then Baby texted me and told me that Aunty Michelle invited me for dinner at Shabu-Shabu because it was Ziqin's birthday. Went back to Summit and waited for Baby to fetch me. It was raining heavily. The wind tried to blow my dress when I was standing in front of the mall's main entrance. I didn't want to feel like Marilyn Monroe. Bleh.

Baby and I in Shabu-Shabu, Puchong. Heart heart.

Walking in heels for the whole day never hurt so bad.

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