Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Feel Sad.

Listening to: Haru Haru by Big Bang

It's study week and I'm barely even studying. I'm reading up on my Sociology because that subject needs the most reading besides History. But somehow, History seems slightly easier than Sociology. It always has been since the beginning of the semester. I don't scream or shout in my sleep anymore so I suppose I'm not so stressed out anymore. Don't ask me why I screamed or shouted in my sleep. I never did it before.

I'll be seeing my Baby for the last time on Sunday - I think. I'm going to be busy with my finals while he prepares for youth camp and his trip to Sabah for his aunty's wedding. Won't be seeing him until after Christmas. Or New Year's. Not so sure which one. I'll be leaving for Singapore on the 22nd and will be back on the 26th (Saturday afternoon). I won't be going for youth I suppose. My departure back to KL on the 26th is at 7.45 AM. I'm going to be so tired and I'm gonna miss my Baby so so much while he's gone ):

So many birthdays this month (Happy Birthday to Ziqin, Nick Choo, Jikin and Audrey). And also so many deaths. Day after day we see freak accidents in the papers. A friend of my friend passed away after getting struck by lightning. It appeared in The Star yesterday. And exactly a week ago, my friend's father passed away after slipping off their house rooftop. So people, please be careful. Drive carefully on wet roads okay? This applies to you too Baby.

I guess that's it for now. Only one picture. Special one lah okay.

I still sleep with that pillow :3

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