Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Listening to: Nothing ):

I'm going back to Singapore at 10.45 AM tomorrow. Thus, I won't be on Facebook often anymore. Forget about my blog, I rarely have the time to blog much.

I rarely see much green nowadays so I decided to admire the weeds in my garden. But the weeds looked horrible, so I decided to look at some potted plants instead.

My sister's watermelon plant.

My parents' "fu kwai fa". I don't know what it's called in English.

One of the "fu kwai fa" punya roots, kinda creepy.

I'm gonna miss my Baby so much. I'm already missing him now because I don't see him. But I'm gonna miss him even more when I'm in Singapore 'cause I won't even be able to text him. Baby I wish you could come with me. It would make things so much easier for me. You're the awesome-est xoxo

My not-so-little drummer boy (:

Merry X'mas!

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