Saturday, December 19, 2009

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181209, Friday

Mum wanted to go to Summit yesterday to get a haircut, but changed her mind soon after. Instead, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid to just waste time. We left the house at about 3 PM, and by the time we reached SS12 (the housing area before Pyramid), the line of cars queuing up for parking made my jaw drop. So, Mum decided to go to Subang Parade. We did. After wasting almost half an hour stuck in long traffic jams. Public holidays and their wrath.

Upon reaching Subang Parade, we were again astounded by the amount of cars queuing up to gain entrance to the parking lot. My dad made a detour and parked in Carrefour instead (there were no card queuing up). We proceeded to walk to Subang Parade. But lo and behold, the rain poured down like as if the heavens were crying. So suay. So we had no choice but to walk around in Carrefour. My sister had to get her friend a birthday present. If she did not, I would have persuaded my parents to leave immediately.

After we bought her present, we left for home. The heavy pitter-patter of the rain allowed me to zone out during the journey back home. I was woken up from my comfort zone when Mum said she wanted to go have cheesecake at Daily Meal Cafe.

When we reached there, the cafe was already closing but Pa managed to get hold of the owner and told him we just wanted to have tea and cake. He agreed.

Chocolate moist cake.

Lemon meringue cheese cake.

My breakfast tea.

A nice painting on the cafe's wall.

Mum having her cake.

Sorry for the blur picture.


They have got nice decorations on the wall.

Hannah. The black thing obscuring the view is my brother's hair. He was kind of emo because he was sleepy. No picture of him ):
I'm coming back from Singapore on Christmas day itself, not on the 26th because my brother won't be following us to Singapore. After much discussion, Mum decided to come back on Christmas to celebrate with Pa and Nic. Yay!

PS: Baby.. I'm so tired. Help me, please.

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