Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ninja Assassin + 6 Months.

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Tuesday, 241109

It was our 6 month anniversary!

I won tickets from Nuffnang to Ninja Assassin's movie premiere screening at Mid Valley. Baby and I decided to try the NPE - but we ended up in the middle of a bad traffic jam in Bangsar. Eventually we made it to Mid Valley before 8 PM. One of the things I love about our relationship is that the both of us love adventures. Getting lost using the NPE is just one of the little ones. But it's a start. I love being navigator for my Baby. We'll go for bigger adventures soon, I know.

The movie was nothing much to brag about. There was an improvement in Rain's english. I still remember watching Speed Racer. Oh, I could barely grasp a word he was saying. But still better than other Koreans' mastery of the english language. I couldn't really see much throughout the movie because it was kinda dark. And they're, well, ninjas. They're supposed to blend into the shadows yadda yadda yadda. To all those Rain/Jeong Ji-Hoon fans out there. Prepare yourself for a shocking (violent) portrayal of the lovable, mata sepet hunk :p

Baby had claypot chicken rice for dinner. It cost RM6.50 and barely filled him up.

My chicken rice which cost me RM6. My tummy still felt empty after eating it ):

Baby eating dinner at the food court (:

You look fat here B ):

PS: Baby, I had a great night out with you. I realized we didn't take any pictures together on our sixth month, so I combined two of our pictures (the very first pic)! I edit picture macam a 12 year-old punya editing, sorry. I love you!

PPS: Nah, Wenli, update for you already. Just not so much of Ninja Assassin :p

PPPS: Sneak preview of next update. Maybe not next lah, I'll update about my church charity dinner once I get sufficient pictures of myself. All the pictures I took are of other people ): Stay tuned!

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