Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Need a Goddamn Vacation.

Listening to: 不能说的秘密 by 周杰伦

It's semester break right now and I'm at home everyday; playing Restaurant City, rotting, watching Yakitate! Japan, rotting, reading Absolute Boyfriend on Onemanga and of course, rotting. My mum and sis will be going back to Singapore during the school holidays and I won't be going. I really wanna go.. Leave all my woes behind, here in Malaysia. I wanna go to Sentosa Island and just relax there instead of feeling so tensed up during fucking semester break. I hope I'll be available end of the year when we go back again. I miss my grandma..

Me, uncle, Hannah, Nick, Mummy and grandma at some awesome restaurant in located in Chinatown, Singapore two years ago.

If I am given the chance to choose a country to chill at, it would be Spain. Partially because Torres is from Spain. I would love to go to Madrid and visit all the historical monuments and such. The food probably won't suit my taste but whatever, I guess I could get used to it.

The Royal Palace of Madrid. Palacio Real de Madrid in Spanish. Beautiful.
The times Audrey and I fooled around during work.

Everytime I see this picture, I shed tears. When can history repeat itself?

Qis, Neera, Ann, Me, Yi Zhong, Matt, Prashant, Jo and Kenx during my sweet sixteen. A hell of a night.

Pav, Ann, some junior whose name I forgot (sorry), Rachel and me. We secured third place for choir last year! And Rachel was crowned Best Conductor (:

Me and.. condoms.

I just wanna go to some European country for a week or two and.. relax.

Before I break down again.

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