Thursday, May 14, 2009


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I was opting to blog about another topic but sadly the stupid Malay fucker living behind my house had to spoil my mood. I am sorry if I sound a tad too racist lah, but if the asswipe with the horrible singing happened to be a Chinese, I would substitute the word Malay with Chinese. Same thing goes if the asshole was an Indian. Or in this case, any other race! Thankfully I am not in my room now or I would open up my windows and tell him to Stehfu!

Stehfu is how I pronounce the online lingo, STFU (Shut The Fuck Up) because I am too darn lazy to read out the initials. It's so fucking long compared to Stehfu. Ass Tee Eff You! See. It takes me half a second to say Stehfu and one second to say Ass Tee Eff You. Saves so much of my time.

Back to the Malay dude and how this blog topic came to be posted.

I headed up to my room with a newspaper clutched in my right hand. Just when I flipped open the newspaper and was about to start reading the first article, I started hearing noisy music coming from outside. I drew the curtains and looked out the window and ended up not seeing anybody nearby, yet the music continued to play. So I walked into my toilet, climbed onto the toilet bowl and squinted out the window, only to see some Malay dude hanging his phone on his window and blasting his music.

Trying my best to keep my temper under control, I stepped down from the toilet bowl and headed back to my room. Yet before I could even lie down on my bed, he started screaming as if someone was strangling him. I walked back to the toilet and realized that he was actually singing. He kept on switching between songs. First it was Hot 'n Cold, then I Kissed a Girl, followed by Fall For you, and then Disturbia. He kept on switching between those few songs and it pissed me off so badly I felt like pouring a bucket of water into his room.

Ignoring the fact that I've got a tone-deaf idiot living behind me, I walked downstairs to take a shower. Who the hell knew that his singing could be heard from the toilet downstairs?! Gawd. I stomped out of the toilet, walked into my room upstairs, plugged in the external speakers to my iPod, opened my windows and put it near my windowsill so that it drowned out his terrible singing. I then proceeded to the my parents' room and showered in their toilet.

When I was done, I walked back to my room, expecting the asswipe to turn his music on even louder. But I was wrong. He was silenced! Hooray! I was jumping for joy (not literally). I unplugged the speakers and happily skipped downstairs to sit in front of my PC.

5 minutes later, I walked back to my room to check if he actually attempted to sing again. Alas, he switched his music back on again, but softer. And this time, there was no singing. I swear, if I hear him singing with his banshee-like voice, I am gonna scream at him to Stehfu.
Today Ms Jaime played our movies in class. It's amazing how we (my group) actually managed to complete our movie in three days. We filmed our flashback scenes on Day One, our handicam scenes on Day Two and edited the film on Day Three. The assignment was given to us like, a month before but we kinda kept on procrastinating. It doesn't matter anyway, we got our work done. Yay! Oh, and a big congratulations to all the other groups who did awesome jobs as well (:

And then we watched High School Musical 3 in class today. I didn't mind watching it since I have never watched it before (because I have never even planned to watch it) but, yeah, the majority of my class are of the male species so 3/4 of the class ended up sighing every 5-10 minutes (when they start the singing). Hey, you guys should be proud. You lasted 2 hours through a movie you never thought you would watch. Ever. Ha ha!

Oh, and I achieved something today too! After class I headed off to Summit with Roy, Hy, Zy and Chong only to part because I had to get Guitar Hero for Mirshal. When I was done, they were still standing outside the game shop, discussing where to go to next. They ended up choosing Asia Cafe. And guess what? I didn't follow! Yay! Usually I would follow them somewhere but wth, I have to stick to my Mission GM (Mission Guai Mui).

But that does not mean you all can't ajak me out anymore okay. Please do. I'll just have to see the situation first before I accept or reject your invitation (:

In class two days back. I was sitting all the way back 'cause I arrived late for class ):

Ah Kua a.k.a The King of Drifting. Ha ha. Seriously, this dude's got skills. Only on the simulator though.

Ah Kua, Andy standing behind him and Su Han beside Andy.

Ah Kua against Yee Shien.

Baby Andy and Baby Loon Daytona-ing.

From right to left: Su Han, Ah Kua, Wei Loon, Andy and Yee Shien.

During badminton, I beat Yee Shien!

And Andy!

Besides those two, I beat Roy, Chong, Ah Kua and Wei Loon. Wei Loon is uber good so he used his left hand against me. Which didn't really make a difference because he effing rocks with his left hand as well but the point is I bet him. Yay! The reason I'm posting this up is because Roy told me to. I know you'll read this dude. Ha ha! Anyway, the reason I won is also 'cause I'm a girl so they went a lil' soft on me (:
I'm sorry for everything..

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