Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Fell In Love with Kris Allen.

Listening to: Heartless by Kris Allen <3

The title has nothing to do with my post. Just that I'm listening to Kris' version of Kanye West's Heartless, and he melted my heart. His version is so much more better than Kanye's. Although I'm a huge supporter of Adam Lambert, I have to admit, Adam might have to watch out. He's got some tough competition.

Kris Allen performing in his university before he joined American Idol, University of Arkansas.
I am one tooth short. Yes, I got my tooth extracted last night at the dentist. I knew this day would come. Judging by the way my teeth straightened out, I still had one more tooth which got pushed to a 90 degree angle because of the lack of space on my lower. After removing the elastics, Dr. Khor heaved the heavy sigh which I dreaded since I put on my braces. He said that an extraction is necessary but he would not extract it there and then. He would do it next month. So I asked him what difference would it make if he were to extract my tooth on the spot. Apparently, it wouldn't make a difference. So I might as well extract it there and then. And so I did. Just some random attempt to be lala last night around 1 AM.

The only thing I feared was the taste of blood in my mouth. The smell of blood makes me feel nauseous, I couldn't have imagined it in my mouth. During the whole process, I tried not to look at the utensils Dr. Khor was using to extract my tooth to avoid panic attacks. I just looked up at the ceiling. When he was done, I thanked him and walked out of his room with my sister, trying not to imagine how I would look like with one front tooth missing. Yes, front tooth ):

Yeap, my lower incisor tooth is missing. Laugh all you want.

45 minutes after the extraction, the pain started kicking into my lower jaw and it drew me into a foul mood. I could take the pain. I just couldn't stop complaining about it. My apologies to those who had to bear with my whining. Your tolerance is greatly appreciated. Mr. X was kind of useless because he couldn't do anything about my pain. Mind you, when I am in pain, I would do anything but laugh and smile. Mr. X insists on me blogging about him and him being useless, I have no idea why. He's a pig.

Sadly for me, the missing tooth is obvious. You need not even squint at my mouth when I am talking. It is damn freaking obvious. Plus, I Colgate-smile often. I don't know how I'm supposed to not smile now. I guess I'll just ignore the fact that I'm missing a front tooth and live my life the way it was before I lost my beloved tooth. I can pull through. I hope.
Just some random picture of my brother.

There's still some blood clotted at my gums, and it hurts a lil', but other than that everything's doing well. Besides the fact that I'm missing a front tooth. And my other incisor is starting to hurt because of the braces. I couldn't even bite a fishball when I was offered one an hour ago ):

His signature expression.

While waiting for my brother to come out from the house. Camwhore.

I had to stretch my hand out really far and tiptoe to get him in the picture.

Nic while he was crossing the road.

My finger kind of ruined this picture.

The hippie car I see around KK. Ha ha. Reminds me of the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

My brother and mother. She refused to get off my PC until she broke her own record in Pinball.

Kononnya studying while gaming. You have Physics tomorrow, dude.
On the 16th of May, Shila came to my ex-secondary school, SMK Kota Kemuning. I wanted to go see her myself, but doubt I would be allowed in. I'm not really a fan of Malaysian artistes, but hey, it's not every day you get a celebrity to come to your school. Besides last year when Hans Isaac came to film some movie on SMKKK's grounds. I know it wasn't as big as David Archuleta going to Sri KDU, but it's better than nothing, Alex (Oh). I saw some of the pictures of the event posted up on Pn. Lim's Facebook account. I requested for her permission to post up some of the pictures on my blog, and yes, permission was granted.

Pn. Lim's daughter, Heidi, with Shila.

Heidi standing in front of SMKKK's stage in the Dewan Terbuka. It looks nothing like my school hall. Total makeover.

And finally, Shila performing on stage.

PS: I was chatting with Chong a few hours ago and he was talking about how awesome it would be if he could make every girl he talks to, fall for him. All he needs is Wei Loon's looks, Hy's money and his own mouth. Wl and Hy better be reading this (:

PPS: Mr. X has not replied my sms yet. I am waiting.

PPPS: Wl uploaded our movies onto Youtube already. Mine and Yee Shien's ones are audio disabled because of the copyright infringement. Yes, we used songs by famous people, therefore they disable the audio. Shitty. Anyway, click here to watch Andy's movie. Click on the username sifatji (yes, it's Wl) to watch the other groups' movies, if you have the time.

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