Friday, August 15, 2008

You Dare Call Me Stingy ?

If I was kedekut , I would not pay for you goddammit . The only reason I asked for my money today is because you fucking pissed me off ! Plus , you dared to shout at me in front of your friend . Shout lah , shout all you want . You'd better not cross the line before I fucking slap you in the face because that's what I wanted to fucking do . Trials is coming up and you want to work . You know what , I'm so fed up with you right now . You go ahead and do whatever you wanna do , go and work your ass off from evening till night for just RM40 . I'm not fucking bothered 'cause hey , it's your life . You can do whatever you want with it . Go and waste it away if it makes you happy -

'cause I don't fucking give a shit .

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