Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today .

Today .

I woke up with my body aching .
I did NOT arrive late for school .
I remembered to spray my Rexona under my armpits .
I remembered to take my medication on time .
I swooned over Fayadh's perfume .
I found out about something which I'm not so happy about .
I played a "fortune-telling" game at school .
I laughed .
I ate Gardenia Chocolate Bread during recess .
I secretly cursed my substitute class teacher .
I punched and pinched Fayadh .
I felt disappointed .
I missed Pav .
I paid for prom - and now I'm left with no money to buy my dad and Fayadh's birthday prezzies .
I studied Form 4 Commerce without falling asleep (hooray!)
I didn't manage to study Chemistry without finding reasons to do something else .
I felt like eating Pizza (actually I do now) .
I'm still standing my ground and rooting for Obama .
I watched Epic Movie .
I ate spaghetti for lunch .
I'm happy for Marcus - new phone .
I felt stupid .
I was almost caught in the act .
I wanted to take my afternoon nap but didn't .
I privately agreed that I would die early due to overdose of cigarette smoke .

Nothing much happened today except for all of the above . I decided to summarize everything to make things easier for you people and myself . Cheers !

1 comment:

Pav said...

Nise, i've missed you too!!

I always see yi zhong and shyuan in the mornings, ann at tuition, but very seldom do i see YOU!!