Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Some Random Pics .

I have decided to post some random pictures which can be found in my hard disk . This is because I have nothing to talk about today ! Lame . Anyway , on to Picture Number One !

This picture was taken three years ago during Pei Ni's birthday in Kota Kemuning's very own McDonald's (it was actually clearer but I edited it kinda BADly so it turned out BAD) . It features Yours Truly (duh) , Chay Fhun , Desmond , Pei Ni (the birthday girl) , Sanjay , Chong Huang , Wei Ling , Phaik Imm , Yoke Ling , Wun Yeun , Mirshal , Yin Ying , Yi Wei , Shawn , Huei Theng , Marcus (sorry for choosing this) , Shaunie and some random McD staff . I know ... we all looked so , young .

Picture Number Two features my dear brother and me , this time two years ago (just ignore the stupid caption at the bottom of the picture , I lost track of the year - lame) . People who have known me since the year 2006 (or before) would know which year this picture was taken just by looking at my hair colour actually . As you can see my beloved brother did not enjoy the camera being held in front of his face while he was playing DotA . And so , a pretty picture gone bad (smiles) . Okay okay , I shouldn't blame him for spoling the picture (smiles again) . Frankly I think this picture is lovely . I don't know why (smiles ... again!) . Oh , and to all those people out there who can't remember how my brother looked like during his "early" years , well you get to see 3/4 of his face here !

Yes , the unhappy looking man happens to be my father . He got caught on camera looking dopey-eyed on the 1st of July 2007 (which happens to be last year) . I edited the picture a little to make it look a bit more clearer . Before this it looked really dull and blurry . I couldn't really edit nicely thanks to my being stuck with Microsoft Photo Editor . It barely has any editing functions . Adobe Photoshop is just too ... it just takes up too much space on my PC (sulks) . Back to my dad . Does he look wild and unfriendly to you ? Well , if he does , be prepared to be proven wrong ! Ask anyone , and I mean anyone who has met my father and they would tell you that you should never judge a book by its cover . However , he may be fierce at times . But it's only to family members (lucky you outsiders) .

Picture Number Four was shot by *ahem* Yours Truly in some buffet restaurant in Singapore last year . It features Nicholas and Hannah Goh - my dear siblings . I edited it too , though it might not look so nice , but hey , I tried . This photo happens to be one of my most favourite photos . I like this one more than the original one . The ori looks kinda dull and bland . This one makes my brother and sister stand out , maybe because I sephia-ed the background . Well , whatever , I still can't figure out how they managed to stick the spoons on their noses .

The last picture of today's post is taken by my brother three years ago on Shyuan's rooftop . I THINK it was Shyuan's rooftop . Or was it Marcus' ? As you can see I did a bit of editing , again . For your information , the dungu looking guy beside me happens to be Patrick . Shyuan beside him and Marcus beside her . If you still can't spot me , I'll just sob (is my editing that terrible?) . Ahh , those days . Those fun-filled days have actually come to an end once this year ascended . What with SPM and more important things to life . Yes , more important .

I would actually like to post more pictures but its already 12 am , which means its saru's birthday and this means my birthday is only two more days away ! Hooray ! Sadly I can't spend my birthday with my friends :( As in no day out and stuff . It kinda sucks . Anyway , I would post some more random pictures some day soon when I have nothing to post about . If you guys don't like me posting pictures , do inform me and my posting pictures would come to an immediate halt .

Some random piece of info : I was watching Bernama News today and the anchorman revealed that PKR's de-facto leader , Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (poor man accused for something he had not done) is turning 61 this Sunday . It took me some time to let that piece of information digest , I share the same birthday as him ! Honestly I don't know what the big deal is but I didn't stop ranting about it to my parents since I found out . LAME .

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