Friday, August 8, 2008

Temper Temper .

I almost lost my temper with somebody in school today . I'm not going to say who , why , when and where . Point is , sometimes this person gets on my nerves so badly , I feel like screaming at him/her right in the face . I don't know if he/she would read this because she rarely reads my blog but hey , better safe than sorry . My fingers are really itching to state why he/she always pisses me off but if I reveal everything in too much detail , my friendship might be at risk . So I think it's better if I just shut the hell up . Right ?

A few minutes ago I was complaining to Fayadh about this particular person . He agreed that he/she is mixing with the wrong kind and I should advise him/her . Thing is , this fella is hella stubborn . Knocking some sense into him/her would be like trying to hammer a nail through the floor . Don't be surprised , that's why we get into arguments often . Thank the aliens there's a third party who stops the arguments from getting downright serious . It kinda sucks when you have these tiny conflicts with friends . Every thing's just so ... tensed up .

Sometimes I feel like confronting him/her and tell him/her off but it's just so ... difficult . Because he/she's my friend . Why is it every time I want to tell off a particular person , it becomes so difficult ? I mean , some people are easy to talk to . But this one , oh no no no no no . As stubborn as a buffalo . It's just so frustrating every time I think about it . Plus , he/she can be kinda hypocritic at times , making me feel even more annoyed . Talking about hypocritic , he/she's paranoid too !

Believe me , it can get really irritating at times . I just feel like screaming at his/her face .

I feel like posting about an incident which occured recently but I think my doing so would stir up a commotion . So lets just forget about it . End of post .

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