Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Got Punk'd .

When I reached school this morning , it was no surprise that the only female students from my class who came were Charlotte and Tessa . On Wednesdays , majority of the class would never attend , saying that the subjects on Wednesdays are not important . I was looking for yi zhong , and then I saw her approaching my class line with nadzirah . They were engaged in a conversation , and it went something like this :

nadzirah : *laughs* Eh , betul ah ? You boleh lah gi join Fayadh . Cepat duduk !
yi zhong : Ha ? Fayadh pun kena ah ?
me : Kena what ?
nadzirah : Fayadh kan kena NS .
me : Ye ke ? Semalam dia cakap dia I yang kena and dia tak kena .
yi zhong : Did he forward the message to you ?
me : What message ?
nadzirah : Duuuuuduuuuuk !

And finally we sat . Head Prefect mah , what to do ?

yi zhong : If you kena NS , you will get a message that goes something like " Tahniah , anda telah
dipilih bla bla bla ..." Did he forward it to you ?
me : Er , no ?
yi zhong : Means he's lying loh .
me : Yes ah ? Later I go ask him .

Lo and behold when we started walking to the stairs , Fayadh <3 style="font-weight: bold;">place , apparently , is not for humans . A month later when the Chinese New Year holidays were approaching , she called back home and told her parents that she didn't want to go back home . She wanted to celebrate CNY there . At her National Service camp . Her parents were shocked of course . Her frequent complaints a month ago made them assume that she hated it there . But of course, she grew to love it . And when the three months were up and everybody had to part , she cried . Real bad .

PS : yi zhong wants a car to bang her down so that she need not go for NS . I say , you might as well get yourself banged and get pregnant , then you need not worry about going for NS forever .
PPS : yi zhong wants to apply for SAM to get out of Malaysia to avoid NS . I say , you still have to come back to Malaysia to go for NS unless of course , you stay there forever .
PPPS : yi zhong's friend , melody , cried when she found out about herself being selected to go for NS . I fucking say , it's not as if you're going to fucking die . It's not as if you fucking contracted cancer . You're just going to learn to fucking discipline yourself for three months .

I get fucking annoyed with people like this .

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