Friday, August 15, 2008

Ahh , TVB Dramas .

I bet not many of you watch the soap opera , Heart of Greed , on Wah Lai Toi (311 @ Astro) . I need not say much about what the story is about because its stated in the title of the drama . It's a TVB drama which means its based in Hong Kong . This is the first time I have ever , yes , ever been so addicted to a Hong Kong TVB drama . I recently found out today that this drama won nineteen awards . Six out of those nineteen awards , were won by the cast of Heart of Greed and the drama itself during the TVB Anniversary Awards . This soap opera is very , very entertaining as it focuses on family conflicts all for , yes , money . Tomorrow Wah Lai Toi is gonna show the last two episodes (this drama consists of forty episodes) and I don't wanna miss it . I'm feeling so kan cheong right now . Can't wait to find out what happens !

Those looking for some excitement in their boring lives could check out this drama for I assure you , it is very entertaining . It is not so in the beginning , but as the story moves on , the need for you to know will get stronger . There is a bit of humour as well as its serious scenes . To those who don't have Wah Lai Toi , you could check it out on . The full forty episodes are provided , so enjoy !

After the huge success after the release of Heart of Greed , TVB decided to produce another series which consists of the same cast with a different storyline - Moonlight Resonance . It's not out on crunchyroll yet but I watched the first five episodes on Astro on Demand and like Heart of Greed , it is surprisingly addictive as the need to know what happens next just pops out of nowhere .

The cast of Moonlight Resonance /Heart of Greed would be coming down to KL this weekend . They're stopping by Sungei Wang and Summit . Of course , I would be going (me and mum are die-hard fans) . They're gonna be at Summit on the 17th , which means this Sunday . I can't wait , although I don't think the full cast would be there . I'm just excited that Hong Kong celebs are gonna be here ! To anyone who has read this post (or is reading it) , do me a favour and watch Heart of Greed on crunchyroll (if you have not watched it yet) .

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