Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Kevin Ravi Choo Turned Sixteen...

Mood: High

Saturday, 070309

All hell broke loose.

Aman shisha-ing. No matter how many times I try, I can never smoke shisha the way they can.

Louis with his gigi besi. We were the only ones there with braces.

Mek, me, half of Aaron Wong's body and Joey's legs.

Joey, birthday boy, birthday boy's Subang friend, Mayu and me.

Me and Aaron Oh. I don't know wtf is wrong with my face. Aaron, how I envy you.

Ijat and Aaron kissing. That's what you get with kids high on liquor and drugs these days.

Joey, Ravi Choo enjoying his shisha, Mayu and me.

Ijat meditating on Choo-Choo Train's rock.

I'm beside Damien (:

Denise and Kevin.

Aaron and I. Horrible shot.

Jeremy, Aman, KRC and Aaron acting like lalas.

Ijat, me with my Mirinda Orange Chivas mixed by Damien and Aaron Oh my friend for seven years who rocks my socks off :D

Aaron's high on shisha.

Those sitting down: Mek, Amin, Joey, Kev, Mayu, Me, Damien. The one walking: Aman. The one BBQing: Alex.

Half the time, Kevin's Subang friends were partying like wild animals in the house. Thus, no pictures of/with them.

A word of caution: Do prepare yourself to be hit by the birthday boy when you're at someone's sweet sixteen. Especially when they are having shisha, hard liquor and.. something I am not allowed to mention.


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