Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Weng Gan!

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I was supposed to update about some random nonsense before this post but heck, it's Weng Gan's birthday, so, yeah. I was actually halfway chatting with some people on MSN when I had to rush to the bathroom to take my shower before Jin Cheng reached my house. By the time I was done showering, he was already here so I couldn't even set my status to Away or even have the chance bid farewell to my friends (mainly Zk =/).

I had a few problems entering Er Kai's car because I didn't know that the door could open automatically just with a press of a button. So I was like, trying to yank the door open while Er Kai was trying desperately to open the door automatically by pressing some button located in the car. Sorry lahh. I didn't know your car was built that way. We stopped by Yi Wen's house to pick her up and then headed over to Weng Gan's house.

I guess I did have some fun thanks to Zi Yao, Jin Cheng, Er Kai and Yi Wen. If they weren't there I think I would have died of boredom. We were kind of enjoying ourselves eating outside. That was until another group turned up. I won't mention who is part of that group of course, because it would be plain rude to do so. Thus, we headed inside the house to the karaoke machine. I enjoyed myself thoroughly watching them sing. I sang one song only. Yeap, you guessed right. They were all Chinese songs. Heck, the song I sang was by Jay Chou and I kind of memorise his songs so it was kind of all right.

Zk laughed when I told him I sang a Chinese song.

When it struck 12 AM, we headed out to sing the Happy Birthday song to Weng Gan in English and in Chinese. The cake was kind of special, yam flavoured ice cream cake. Never had that before. And well, the group was acting kinda stupid. Like assholes for instance. And were given some kinda degrading look from JC and Friends. I was enjoying every moment of it. So immature. That group, I mean. Not JC and Friends. I mean, I was part of JC and Friends anyway for that night. Ha ha.

After everything was settled, Er Kai sent me home at around 12.30 AM and proceeded to go play somewhere with Jin Cheng. I had different thoughts at first, but I found out that they were going to Ftz to really play some games.

So anyway, Happy Birthday again Weng Gan! You're already 22, so enjoy life more before you reach 25.

Me and the birthday boy. Eric was kinda high I suppose? Running around laughing like a hyperactive lil' kid trying to get his face in pictures. I guess you can see a bit of him back there.

Er Kai, Yee Wen, Zi Yao and Li Hsien (me lah). All of them having Chinese names, like kinda awkward if suddenly and English name appears. Heh. I had loadsa fun with this group, just missing Jin Cheng.

PS: Everytime I see Zi Yao, images of sitting on his motorcycle flash through my mind. Riding with him once was enough since it scared the crap outta me. I had no choice but to hug him because I felt like I was gonna fly off any moment then. But it was worth it I guess, his body chun apa :D

PPS: I just realised something. My braces aren't obvious in pictures! Hooray!

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