Monday, March 2, 2009


Mood: Sleepy

Random One

I went out to Oldtown Kopitiam with Zheng Guan and Marcus last Friday and he snapped a few photos of Marcus and I.

I got featured on Zheng Guan's blog! Boy was I proud.

This was just another picture he snapped. Apparently, the caption is "Just for laughs" on his Facebook.

Random Two
Bryantt is so bad. He purposely show me this poster of Torres when he knows I don't have one. And he won't give me one even though he has so many. Kiam siap.

Random Three

I didn't know Qi Yuwu was from China. I thought he was Singaporean all along. Well, it doesn't matter anyway, I still adore him.

Random Four

Just for fun.

Random Five

My favourite artiste for life. His dancing makes me want him even more. Gawd.

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